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At MPS, we are very proud of our employees and attribute our long-standing reputation in the automotive business to treating customers with integrity, honesty, and value pricing for the superior products we sell. Experts in finance and we help customers finding and purchasing the right cars for them

Our truck and car sales staff is strictly customer satisfactory oriented, which means that we are here to help our customers have a great rate, and also assist them with a quick, easy, enjoyable purchasing experience, while providing quality vehicles that they will enjoy. Our commitment to quality and competitive, no hassle-pricing, combined with unsurpassed auto service, guarantee a plain, simple and easy used car purchasing experience.

We have a full-service department with Certified technicians to get you the best rate possible.

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Marion Paint & Service is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, personalize their event experiences, and provide an innovative environment, thus making a difference.

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