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Marion Paint and Services (MPS Cameroon) is your number one company for paint products and heavy transport and trucking services. Our trucking service is every customer’s best choice for expert packaging preparation. We have dedicated and trustworthy staff who will bring your freight to any destination across Cameroon.

We are a trusted supplier of industrial, manufacturing,  maintenance, and repair paint products. We stock thousands of paint-related products from top manufacturers, ready to quickly ship from our facilities around Cameroon. Our selection of products includes paints, stains, primers, concrete sealers, roof coatings, marking & spray paint. MPS Cameroon has the right products for your next project. 

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What we do

Transport & Logistics

MPS provides our customers with the reliable, efficient truckload and less-than-load (LTL) services they need for their regional and domestic shipments

Paint Services

We are a trusted supplier of industrial, manufacturing and maintenance, and repair products. We stock thousands of paint-related products

Formation Works

MPS provides training for persons who want to improve their skills and build their portfolios in painting, construction, welding, automotive service technicians

Why We're Different


MPS Cameroon provides you with an easy and frictionless experience which will save you time and effort. We place our customer's needs as our top priorities

Customer service

Our excellent customer service which is quick to respond will furnish you with desired information about our products and services and will help you with responses/answers


We offer extraordinary services that go far beyond what our customers expect, and we at MPS understand what our customers want and we provide it to them in time.


The Great Work We Did

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Truck 1

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Truck 4

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Paint 1

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Paint 2

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Paint 3

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Paint 4

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Paint 5

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Paint 6

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Paint 7

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Paint 8

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Paint 9

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Paint 10

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Paint 11

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Paint 12

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MPS Cameroon is located in Douala, Bonaberi – Tradex Ndobo. You can easily get through us via phone, or by writing to us through our email address and we shall quickly get back to you.

MPS provides various services; Transport and logistic services, paint services, public works (buildings), furnishing offices, location and selling of vehicles

We ensure that our clients products and services are secured and delivered to them on time, respecting all our terms of agreements, so as to give our clients maximum satisfaction

Our Benefits

MPS Cameroon provides best pricing for all business sizes and enables them achieve their goal

MPS ensures that clients goods, services are quickly delivered to them and their goods are well secured

We consistently provide good quality services and performance to our clients and we are well trusted.

Meet Our Clients

They Believe In Us

Meet our clients with whom we are well trusted and have accomplished a good number of projects with them

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